i'll keep my head up high (lingers) wrote in keyedtoyou,
i'll keep my head up high

the use of the jungle is becoming apparant

The musebox has been a jungle for a while, as it were. No one has really decided why it exists, but they've come to accept it as the norm. So much so, that none of them notices the strange flash of light in the middle of the night as they are all sleeping or going about their business...

The next morning, you feel kind of strange. You try to stand up, which is oddly difficult. And, your perspective is oddly strange. It takes you a while - either you think it's a dream, or it's difficult to see yourself, or there just isn't a conveniant pool of water nearby - but you suddenly realise that something is really wrong.

Why? You're an animal.

What kind of animal? Well, that's up to you.

PS. All visiting muses from other museboxes will also be turned into animals upon entering the jungle.
Tags: *epic events, *modly, guest: cecil (candace), guest: squall (candace), muse: dug, muse: jenny, muse: suu, muse: yuna, muse: zack
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