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a roleplayer whose legendary skills were the stuff of legend.

warning: may go blind due to overexposure to pure awesomeness.

Espo's Musebox
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caught in a bad romance

this is the musebox of espo. what's a musebox? it's basically a place she can rp with her muses old and new, do memes with them, or just pester muses without an rp they're attatched to. aka, she has too much time on her hands and making journals is fun, don't judge me. keyedtoyou is basically a name she thought up at the time and liked. she also likes quotes, hence the title.
from manga to games to tv shows, espo rps just about anything. she also has a bad habit of making journals on a whim or when she's bored. you can see her complete muse list here or here (where played).
want to? just comment on my affiliation entry. if i know you from somewhere i'm bound to say yes! everything's more fun with friends, especially random rp.

sweetboxes, vongolafied, ribbonambitions, starlightbox, skinburst.

if you are a friend of mine, feel free to jump in on any of my posts. it's always cool to get visitors.
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