i'll keep my head up high (lingers) wrote in keyedtoyou,
i'll keep my head up high

the return of the epic event posts

In musebox land, there seems to be something a little off. You wake up wherever you went to sleep the night before, but something feels... different. You shake yourself awake, and open your eyes, and are met by sunlight.

Blinding sunlight. In musebox land, the sun never blinds.

You get up, and your shoes, or feet, are buried in sand. All around you are trees, filled with coconuts and fruits and the faint chitter chatter of wildlife. In the distance you go hear the sea, and behind you, there is a looming mountain, with a decorative entrance naming it as 'Candy Mountain'.

But the musebox land never has anything, and is always empty.

What this means, you don't know - but, it seems, for some reason, you are on a desert island.
Tags: *epic events, *modly, guest: hope (candace), guest: lightning (candace), guest: riku (candace), guest: roxas (candace), guest: xion (candace), muse: alex, muse: amy, muse: axel, muse: jenny, muse: kairi, muse: naminé, muse: ran, muse: sora, muse: suu, muse: teddie, muse: the doctor
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